Keeping your garage door in good working order is important in ensuring not only your ability to get your car in an out of the garage, but also from a safety point of view. Can you imagine your door suddenly coming down on the roof or hood of your car when you least expect it? Just on a superficial level, when something like that that happens, not only would the accident have an impact on your car, but also your insurance rates, which would go up as well.
When you don’t keep your garage door in good working order, you’re not only risking damage to your car, but you’re also risking bodily injury to not only yourself but also those around you.

In 2013, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that there are an estimated 30,000 injuries caused by garage door accidents. The force of a garage door coming down on a small child can crush them, causing massive bodily injury and in some cases, can lead to death.

Between 1974 and 1995, at least 85 children died or suffered permanent brain damage as a result of garage door related injuries. Despite the fact that in 1993 the Consumer Product Safety Commission required all automatic garage door systems to have a safety reversing or automatic shut-off system, 40% of the safety systems failed to work properly.

There is another safety issue, which is keeping unwanted people out of your garage, especially if your garage has a door leading to other parts of your house. Failing to secure your garage door can lead to result in loss of valuables through unauthorized entry to your house.

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